Owner Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are repairs handled?

    The tenant will contact our office and we will coordinate repairs with one of our preferred contractors, who are all licensed, insured and bonded, if you have someone you want us to call, we can do that as long as they are licensed and insured. Most contractors will bill us and we can deduct from the next months rent. Occasionally some contractors will require payment when the job is done if this is the case you will need to arrange the payment. We do our best to contact you on any & all repairs but all appliances, HVAC, water heaters, plumbing, electrical and any safety issues must be corrected in a reasonable amount of time, in accordance with VRLTA When this is the case we most likely have the problem fixed before you may be contacted.
  • How are tenants found?

    We use a combination of sites local mls service ,hot pads ,trulia, rent digs, our company web site ,post lets. Craigs list.
  • How do you screen tenants?

    All tenants are required to complete a rental application with copy of income and pic id on all adults.

    We use a 3rd party service to do a though background report which includes credit nation wide criminal and eviction check. We will call the last landlord to verify that they paid on time and honored all terms of the lease. We are a professional property management company and take pride in our knowledge and practices in following all Federal, state and any local fair housing laws.

  • How is maintenance issues handled?

    We need all requests to be in writing please state the problem clearly and in as much detail as you can They can be faxed, emailed or submitted through our website.
  • How long will it take to rent my property?

    You should keep in mind that the better condition that your house is in, the better quality tenant that it will attract. Your home must be left in professionally cleaned condition. Your Property Manager prefers to arrange this cleaning to insure that the cleaning guidelines are strictly followed.

    It is not necessary to paint automatically, but you should consider painting any room that has dirty or marred walls. A neutral color is best. Your Property Manager will be happy to discuss any necessary repairs or painting with you. Neutral window coverings such as blinds should be left, but not curtains that match a particular bedspread or couch. Tenants moving into a rental property do expect some sort of window coverings to be provided for privacy and safety.

  • How often will you visit the property?

    We do four inspections 

    1. During the marketing/vacancy period
    2.  At time of move in
    3 & 4. Two yearly visits, once this is done you will be of any notified of any concerns whether tenant caused or any if any other repairs are needed. We will concentrate the inspection to look for any signs of moisture This will include the following items.    We will check all bathrooms ,under sinks ,vanities ,tubs, & showers to determine if there is any leaks or if  any caulking is needed . Also a preventive maintenance inspection will include a physical walk thru of interior and exterior to determine if any maintenance is needed i.e. deck/house power washing, trim repairs, and safety issues.  Missing roof shingles, ect. 

  • What are the benefits of hiring ERA Woody Hogg and Associates instead of another property management company?

    • No ‘setup’ fees
    • Competitive leasing and management fees
    • No additional marketing fees
    • We do not charge you when your property is vacant
    • We do not charge a markup on invoices 
    • Easy Out Program:  Don’t need our services anymore?  Just give us a 60 days written notice

    We are not a huge agency so we are able to provide a more personal service you  and your tenants will have one basic person to contact on all matters concerning your property.

  • What if the rent is not paid or property is damaged by the tenant?

    We try to screen tenants to prevent this from happening in the First place, but in the real word of property management there is no perfect tenant. Should it be necessary to evict a tenant we handle the whole process for you, from starting the paper work to meeting the sheriff for the lock out. And if damage exceeds the deposit this matter can be turned over to an attorney to try to collect damages.
  • What is the maintenance account and how much do you maintain?

    An maintenance account is your money that we hold on to pay any potential invoices. That might need to be paid after your payment has gone out and before the next months rent been paid When we do pay invoices that equate to less than the reserve amount, we will replenish that account when we collect rent from the tenant during the following month. For single family homes, our owner’s reserve amount is $200.00 For multi-unit building, we reduce that to $150 per unit. At the termination of our managing your property, providing there are any funds available in the owner’s reserve, they are returned to you.
  • When is the rent due and when can I expect payment?

    The rent is due on the 1st and late after the 5th, if the rent is not paid by that time we send out the proper legal documents on the 6th to start the court process. Once the rent is paid your payment will be mailed or we can do direct deposit you will have this before the 15th.
  • Where is your office located and what is the best way to contact you?

    9137 Chamberlayne Rd, suite 100, Mechanicsville Va. 23116
    Web address: erawoodyhogg.com
    Email: rentals@erawoodyhogg.com
    Direct Number: 804-427-5119
    Fax: 804-559-4585
    Our normal office hours are 8:30-5 pm Monday-Friday