Owner Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are maintenance and repairs handled?

    We require all requests to be in writing please state the problem clearly and in as much detail as you can They can be faxed, emailed or submitted through our website. Tenants may call in an emergency, and then submit in writing to follow up.

    After the tenant contacts our office, we will coordinate repairs with one of our preferred contractors - who are all licensed, insured and bonded, if you have someone you want us to call, we can do that as long as they are licensed and insured. Most contractors will bill us and we can deduct from the next month’s rent. Occasionally some contractors will require payment when the job is done if this is the case you will need to arrange the payment. We do our best to contact you on any & all repairs but all appliances, HVAC, water heaters, plumbing, electrical and any safety issues must be corrected in a reasonable amount of time, in accordance with VRLTA When this is the case we most likely have the problem fixed before you may be contacted.

  • How do you decide if a tenant should be approved for residency?

    All adults (18 years of age or older) are eligible to complete a rental application for any of our properties. They will each pay an application fee which offsets the cost of the background report. Photo identification (typically a VALID driver's license) is required from each applicant prior to running the application. This application is run through a third-party system.

    We publish our application and rental criteria on our web page for tenant’s review prior to making application. Any adult that will be living in the property must have a completed application on file. We are consistent with qualifying each prospective tenant to ensure we make educated decisions about leasing the properties.

    Additional criteria include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Applicants have a combined gross income of 3 times monthly rent.
    • Credit background must not reveal eviction filings, collection liens or unsatisfied rental judgments.
    • All sources of income must be verifiable. If the income is not verifiable, additional deposit funds and/or a guarantor can be considered.
    • Criminal records must not contain any felony convictions, adjudication withheld or pertaining to offenses regarding illegal drugs or crimes against persons or property. ***If charges are over 3 years old the property manager is free to make the final decision

    Please understand that the background report may not provide information from all jurisdictions in the US and does not guarantee a perfect tenant.

  • How will you handle property preparation between tenants and how long will it take to rent?

    Our leases require 60 days’ notice to vacate. Once we receive notice form the tenant, we will notify you to see if you want to re-rent or if you have other plans are for the property. If you choose to re-rent then we start the re-rental progress 30-45 days before they vacate this will cut down on the vacant time.

    If we have your property under an annual management agreement and a tenant vacates, we inspect the premises and get the property in "rent ready" condition ASAP! We will consult with you on items that exceed $300.00. Routine repair items are ordered and done quickly, to allow for good quality showings. Since normal wear and tear is expected on rental units, not all repairs and preparation can be covered by the security deposit as they are an owner’s expense.

  • How often will you visit the property?

    We do multiple inspections 

    1. During the marketing/vacancy period
    2.  At time of move in
    3 & 4. Two yearly visits, once this is done you will be of any notified of any concerns whether tenant caused or any if any other repairs are needed. We will concentrate the inspection to look for any signs of moisture This will include the following items. We will check all bathrooms, under sinks, vanities, tubs, & showers to determine if there are any leaks or if any caulking is needed. Also, a preventive maintenance inspection will include a physical walk thru of interior and exterior to determine if any maintenance is needed i.e. deck/house power washing, trim repairs, and safety issues.  Missing roof shingles, ect.
    5.Move out inspection
    If an issue is brought to our attention, we can request another inspection from the tenant. So long as we provide adequate notice to them there is generally not an issue on gaining entry to the property.  

  • What are the benefits of hiring ERA Woody Hogg & Associates over another firm?

    The most asked questions when searching for property management services are “How much does it cost?” “What do I get for my money?” and “How are you different than the other guys?”: It’s a pretty simple equation we use, to get you the most for your money with the best value offered in the area.

    1. Management fees are 10% of your monthly rent – with a minimum of $100.00 for properties renting under $1000.00
    2. You get a full-service real estate team, of all licensed agents, to take the burden of property management off of you! That way you can work on building your portfolio, or just enjoying life. Everyone from our Property Managers, to our Rental Specialist are all licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    3. ERA Woody Hogg & Associates prides ourselves on standing out from the crowd. We are different in many ways, but the biggest is what we DON’T charge you for. You won’t be paying maintenance markups, renewal fees, or any number of non-essential charges that the other guys tack on to your bill. Many do this to make up for an unusually low management cost, we refuse to do that.

    A few key items that set us apart are -

    • No ‘setup’ fees
    • Competitive leasing and management fees
    • No additional marketing fees
    • We do not charge you when your property is vacant
    • We do not charge a markup on maintenance invoices 
    • Easy Out Program:  Don’t need our services anymore?  Just give us 60 days written notice (see management handbook for detailed information)

    There are a lot of firms to choose from – to stand out from the crowd, we are here to build a relationship for the long term! This way our owners know they made a solid decision and investment in their financial future and their portfolio of rental homes/investment properties.

  • Where is your office located and what is the best way to contact you?

    9137 Chamberlayne Rd, suite 100, Mechanicsville Va. 23116
    Web address: www.erawoodyhoggrentals.com
    Email: sscott@erawoodyhogg.comm
    Direct Number: 804-559-4644
    Fax: 804-559-4585
    Our normal office hours are 8:30-5 pm Monday-Friday